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Crazy jiggin Canandaigua 8/25


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Gout out with two buddies today for some jiggin and maybe a little trollin if we maxed out on the lakers. As luck would have it we pounded the lakers with a few bonus hook ups! Popped a couple of nice lakers off the start and it was slow going for an hour or so after and then it was like someone flipped a switch. Tons of chasers, a double and then a triple with a Big Brown that spit the hook at the boat. Just non stop jiggin action and some good size fish to boot. Wrapped up our limit on Lakers and trolled a few J9's back in a plugged a small Bow. Overall a great trip and Canandaigua is just plain hot right now. Caught fish mostly in about 120 FOW and many suspended were chasing well. Color didn't seem to matter much once they turned on. All fish were on plastics today. Fish ranged from 2lbs to well over 8lbs with a couple of drag rippin lakers!! This is what has me hooked on jiggin. I've caught tons of Lakers trollin and never had them rip drag like they do on the jig. The fish in my left hand ripped 80 feet of line 2 seperate times and I hated to have to keep it but thats just the way it goes sometimes.


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Chuck that is a great report.. Couple questions for you what fishfinder do you have on your boat and where do you purchase your jigging supplies.. Also have you ever used spiderwire for jigging..... Dale

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I use a Hummingbird 161c finder/gps. Nothing fancy but it does the job. It has a 20 degree transducer which is not the best. I strictly use my trolling motor to hold myself vertical. Any drift and I probably would lose visual contact with my jig. I am going to upgrade to a 60 degree. I've always used power pro braid but i'm sure spiderwire would work just fine.

The jigs from B. MTO jigs are very good. I think they have a longer shank than the Cabelas jigs I also use. I have been playing around alot lately with different types of trailer hooks with mixed results. Of course Zebra Muscles really mess with the trailers if they are run to far back on the bait.

As far as a general area any where up North really paid off for us. The biggest factor was definately the bait. I did not mark much very deep but even decent pods 50-60 over 100-120FOW really produced chasers off the bottom and suspended fish chasing down.

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