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Favorite Brown Trout spoon

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its changed over the years and ive had lots of luck in years past with a michigan stinger that had an orange stripe and some black spots and what not. forget the name now, ive had lots of luck on the nbk, but i started liking R&R spoons and i love the black edge with the grape dot, and monkey puke w/ green ladderback. this year it was chameleon and goldenwalleye /yellow razors. .

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Stinger Wonderbread magnum took the #2 Orleans Derby Brown of my boat this year. Wonderbread actually took three other browns that day and then four more the following week. NBK came in second followed by Michael Jackson.

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I have taken trophy browns on the following spoons:

Black & Silver f-5 evil eye

Pink & Purple f-5 Evil eye

It is not a spoon, but the largest Brown I have boated -- #5 Glow black ladder J plug -- lead core

Little browns >15# eat any stinger or SS and they love gold when fished between 50 - 65' down. Favorites this year -- stinger brown trout and SS green goby

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