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Salmon running up the Genny???


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From now on you have a shot at catching one at night from the piers...Later in the season when the run is in full swing you can catch them during the day but for the next few weeks night time is best...

Glo cleos and yecks in the 3/4 ounce size and your good to go...

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Your welcome...

Just to let you know dont expect a lot of fish...Hope for a bite or two and be happy to land one...Multiple fish days will happen, but not every...Been skunked about half the times pier fishing and I show up before sun-set and leave after sun-rise...

If you want you can try a floating egg sack, slip sinker rig with a glass bottle...They do hook fish but i'm still waiting to see one landed with the hook in its mouth...I dont fish this way as feeling the crunch is amazing and I dont like my fish foul-hooked...

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Was fishing the Charlotte pier last Sunday...for perch.....bright sunny day...and kings everywhere along the pier and off the beach chasing Niagara shinners...not a single boat trying that inshore water....water was still cool in there...some steelhead in there as well... This time of year the first few hours in the morning...I'd never drive past this inshore water without ripping some big j Plugs around the piers and along the beach....plus casting spoons from the desks of the piers. Just don't stand in one place...move up and down the piers.

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