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Total Hits: 6

Total Boated:6

Species Breakdown:2 browns 2 coho 2 kings

Hot Lure: hammer time spinny/ big weenie sharkweek fly///////PK flutter fish

Trolling Speed: 2.8

Down Speed:

Boat Depth: 60-120

Lure Depth: 50-100

started out in 60 fow for morning bite managed 2 coho on the sharweek

slid out to 120 about 11:00 and the screen went crazy

did a 26 lb king on a flutter fish on a dipsy out 300'

backed it up with 2 browns around 7-8 lbs

then the 95 rigger goes and screams out to 550 before he turns.... got him on the boat and ran to weigh in... unfortunately he was a touch light at 32.1

coho's and browns were released to fight another day

heres the kings





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Those Big Weenie folks are darn nice to deal with also.

Grabbed several Protologists, and Pole Dancers, along with their Mongoose flasher combos, in prep to use as soon as the coming wind is gone.

Several folks I spoke with yesterday, had very good luck in front of the Big Salmon.

SD/fly combinations. NBK spoons were responsible for some.

Wish I didn't have to work for a living,(or I would've been there too) but haven't figured that one out yet. :rofl:

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Great report, wish I could have stayed longer, but my new beagle pups need to get out into the woods. Hope to make it back out soon.

We had a blast out there for our first time to pulaski area.

Nice folks, met a ton of nice people! everyone was very helpful.

we ended up with three fish for three days. two kings and a brown.

Lost two screamers and had seven other nock offs.

We were just starting to dial them in when it was time to head home.

isn't that always the way it is.

Chrome echip with green tape with the little boy blue was our best , and green echip with glow green fly.

85 ft water, 75 down 2.7-3mph

lures 40ft back of the ball

good luck, and thanks


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You guys are killing us. Working every night til 10 and up early to finish stuff to send to Jon. He ordered a bunch of stuff again last night but at least I have a bit of the weekend open for tequila and Jack :beer: . Shark weeks SHOULD be there today but he only ordered 24 so get there early, ;) Jason killed them on the Yellow Snow they should get there tue.Sending Pole Dancers every day.Yukon had 2 over 30# on meat rigs 2 days ago, nice you guys have all the big fish. Thanks guys, BW

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