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Lucky Enuff derby report/ Mexico Bay

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: Lucky Enuff







Total Hits: 12

Total Boated: 9

Species Breakdown: All Kings

Hot Lure: Big Weenie flys: Glow Wonderbread, Blue Weenie Custom, Lake O Glow, Hillbilly Stomper, Saltys Balls,

Hot Paddles: Wonderbread spinny, NBK spinny, Gator Spinny, white/blue halo spinny, white/ green dot pro troll

Trolling Speed: 2.8 - 3.2 sog

Down Speed: 2.1 - 2.4

Boat Depth: 80-115

Lure Depth: 65-115




Gave full report...then winds knocked out power and all was lost :@ So here is the short version....maybe Mike will give more details.

I had a small window in my schedule, so I gave LOU member Shadster a call and we ran up to fish a couple days out of Mexico Bay. Fishing was OK...not fast and furious by any means. The bigger fish are showing up in better numbers, so with no pressure for awhile thanks to mother nature, depending on what this blow does it could get really good in another week, if things settle down at all.

We had an all wire bite, except for the very last fish, which came on a rigger parked at 121 over 114 fow...bouncing the bottom. I had the spinney stretched 40 ft behind the ball so it would stay off the bottom. I wish I had done that a day and a half sooner...maybe we could have developed a rigger bite. We were limited to a 4 rod spread, mostly running a 3 dipsey & 1 rigger set, but at times we went 4 dipseys & no riggers. We did run the more traditional 2 wires & 2 rigger program for a short time, but our rigger bite pretty much sucked so I stuck with what was working for us.

We focused on the 80- 90 fow range in front of the Big Salmon, but did go deeper to 115. Our two port side wires were normally parked anywhere from 180 to 225 on the inside wire on a 1 setting and 270 to 340 on the outside wire on a #3 setting. Our Starboard wire was a 2 setting and hung out anywhere from 180 to 240. All of our wires took fish. Our rigger was parked anywhere from 60 to the bottom.

It was an all attractor/fly bite for us. Nothing on meat or spoons, but with a limited rod spread we didn't experiment much. The wonderbread spinny and Big Wennie wonderbread glow fly took the most fish. Shadster's biggest ended up being his personal best at 28 lbs. It fell for a Big Weenie Lake O glow followed behing a Pro Troll white/green dot & green stripe paddle. My biggest was also my personal best at 32.04, falling a little short of making the board. That male chinook put up an epic battle, busting the level wind mechanism on the reel, busting the rod in half and getting caught up in the net before finally hitting the deck :D The play by play got lost whit the electric outage, but it was a bizaar series of events that will earn that fish a much deserved place on my wall at home.

It came on the outside port side wire parked at 300 on a #3 setting over 83 fow. He slammed a BW blue weenie custom fly trailed behind a white/blue halo spinny.

Mikes big guy slammed the inside port wire rod parked at 215 over 85 fow on a #1 setting. That fish came on a BW lake O glow fly behind the white/green dot & green stripe paddle.

A fun trip for sure. Thanks for joining me Mike. We choose to chase the big guys laying on the bottom, but for those who kept some lines higher there were coho's and smaller matures in better numbers. The fishing was not easy in the Mexico Bay bath water, you really had to work for your bites but the fish are there. Boat traffic shut them down fast, but things should get better with the end of the LOC. Water temp in the Bay was 69 degrees on the bottom.....the Bay could use a nice east blow to get some colder water back. Here's a few pictures of the 32.04 brute. I lost my on the water pics of our fish when I dropped my phone overboard :( I'm sure Shadster has some good ones.



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Yup...AGAIN! This time while I was at the gas dock filling up. It now rests in peace at the bottom of the little salmon river. I didn't like it anyway :D

I'm in for next weekend Matt. You'll have to email me the details at: [email protected]

It could be a blood bath if the weather calms down.

I'll have a new phone sometime this week, not sure Jen will let me take it fishing though.

I may need to use yours....does it float :rofl:

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email sent, maybe i'll attach one of those floating key chains to my phone just incase you need to use it :D anyways i'll leave friday after work and will probably just be pulling into pulaski around 4am Saturday. Although after hearing the reports from the west end sure makes me want to head that way.

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You need to buy your phone a floatie.

:$:D As I watched it sink, I swear the first thing that I thought wasn't "oh no...my phone" , but rather "oh no....I'm gonna have to tell everyone I did it again" LMAO!!

Didn't like the Blackberry anyhow, so now I can get something better 8)

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Nice fish Rod. That is a pig. Would love to hear the long version someday. I'm sure you wont forget it. We never forget the big fish stories.

I miss Lake O already. I can't wait to be able to get out there more often. Till then I'll have to be content with the few times I do get out. Great to read reports. Makes you feel like your there sometimes.


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Rod, Your a numbnuts. Who does that twice in a week.

:D:D Now you can see why I was horrified to watch it sink to the bottom of the river....I knew I was gonna get skewered. Hey, it ain't my fault I catch fish and have slimey hands. I gotta start using my hands free phone.

Do I see another fly coming Gary :devil:

I don't think they will insure me Jeff, my verizon store knows me by my first name.

Yeah Rick....I missed a few text messages :$ I'll be up next week on the Oh Baby boat with Matt, so we'll stay in touch out there.

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Yes, the story behind Rod's big fish was bizarre to say the least. As Rod said the big fish hammered the port side outside wire with the BW blue weenie custom fly. He was right there to grab the pole as the fish screamed out the wire at an incredible rate. Just as fast the level wind slot cover popped out of place and the wire burned right through the wall it protected. It was an "oh schmit" moment and thoughts of giving it all away came instantly. Without panic, Rod had the presence of mind to let the fish take the line as he worked to get the wire back into its place as well as the cover.

The fight was on as the fish was now way, way out and it was all Rod could do to make up some ground on it. As if on some kind of weird cue the auto pilot alarm goes off and the boat is at the mercy of the waves. I went to the controls and steered manually while trying to get the AP to work again. There was a boat closing fast to starboard and it was all I could do to get us left and pass within spitting distance. Combat fishing at it's finest! The auto pilot not responding had Rod pass off the pole to me as he tried to get it to go.

I worked the fish for a good while back to the boat as it seemed to tire after the battle with Rod. I reeled and pumped the fish to 40'. With the auto pilot working again and Rod by my side I was on the pump as the king made one last push toward bottom. Crrrrrack!!!!, the 10'6" dipsy rod snapped in two. "Oh, schmit!" Can you believe it? Rod decided to take the working end of the deal as he was more confident than I was about handling the situation. He worked the big fish to within netting distance and I went out to the swim platform to scoop the fish. I went for the fish as it was right there, but without the bend of the pole to pick up the spinnie the net ran right into the swivel and hung. Another "oh, schmit" moment, but with just a little panic in the mix this time. I let the net right there as the fish didn't spook and take off. The swell and a bit more encouragement from Rod had the fish come to the top. I scooped the fish with the spinnie still hung and closed the net on our prize. It was all I could do to lift the fish into the boat. And with that there was an overwhelming sigh of relief and a look toward the heavens. :whew:

This was a trip I won't ever forget. Thanks to Rod I gained valuable experience on the lake using dipsy divers. Including experience keeping a few on the bottom with their paddles and flies. :( I'll save that story for another time. We had our moments with most of them being very positive. The weather was a bit hot and the fishing was as always...fishing! It would not be any fun if there was not any drama and we certainly had some of that! :D

Thanks once again for inviting me to fish with you, Rod!

Some pictures of the trip








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