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New to LOU

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Greetings fellow fish hunters.

The name is Dave Hyde. I am a 15 yr resident of Ontario so my homeport is Bear Creek.

I just started fishing Lake O seriously this year so I have a lot to learn.

I am breaking in a new boat, a 20 ft Lund Fisherman. She is black in color with a 150 OptiMax and a 9.9 ProTroll kicker. Running Big Jon downriggers on a Pursuit rail.

The boat name is Hyde N Seek.

I scan most of the marine frequencies; if you see me out, give us a shout.

Regards to all

Dave Hyde

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Would love to see some pics of the boat!! I have a 21ft 1987 Lund barron im rewiring and setting up.

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Next time I go out, I will take some pictures.

The nice thing about the setup I have is that it is removable so one can cover the boat and not leave the riggers exposed. I never thought that fishing could be so pricy.

I looked at a Baron, what a boat! Lots of room and about 3 inches more height than the fisherman 20. They discontinued the fisherman line because they were not making enough money on this boat. It has all of the features of the Tyee but about 8 grand less. I drove all the way to Green Bay WI to get this one. It was the last one east of the Mississippi.

I really wanted the Baron, but money talks.

Now, if I can only start catching fish. So far the only bite I have had is with the browns. No salmon but a scrub Coho.

I have a lot to learn!

If you're out, give me a call on channel 9.


Dave Hyde

Hyde N Seek

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