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in need crusader engines


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Apparently Crusader has discontinued both there 7.4 and 8.1L big blocks and replaced them with a 8.2L with catalytics and such.

All i want is a pair of 8.1L MPI Crusaders. if anyone knows where i can find a pair please let me know most of the major suppliers are sold out but maybe someone knows of one here or there.

oh yeah... im looking for bobtails


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Dear S.T.

Be aware that GMPP no longer manufacturers big block chev or 1st Design small blocks in the USA. All this tooling went to the Mexico Engine Plant several years ago. The quality and construction of these "engines" has been questioned and confirmed that the original specifications, materials & drawing requirements have been altered for the sake of cost and delivery. Hencho in Mexico blocks, cranks, rods, heads etc. even look different to the trained eye. Porosity, inferior materials etc. have been found. Most qualified reputable engine shops will not work on this Hencho stuff. Obtaining warranty replacements is also a big hassle. I would be extremely carefull where you spend your money and be extremely carefull installing these engines......Good Luck....Sincerely.....Jet Boat Bill

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