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Went fishing wed afternoon up the river . Thought we would try something different so we rigged one side of the boat for walleye's and the other for kings . We were trolling just past the old Spirit of Roch enjoying the graffiti on the side of it when one of the walleye rods fired . My buddy thought he had a pike or a drum on the line ,but after chasing him up and down the river with the boat because he was spooling the the light rod with 12#line with a fat 'A' we netted a nice 27# king .

Fished a bit more up the river marking a lot of fish but no hits. Went to the mouth of the river and had 3 rip a NBK but they never hooked up . Was a fun night and Chet caught one of his biggest Kings on a bass plug and 12# line. (I think his arms still hurt today)


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