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9/26 just east of the ponds

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:the yellow kayak





Time on Water:5:45-9;15 AM

Weather/Temp: calm, 50s

Wind Speed/Direction:a little wind from the west

Waves: none

Surface Temp:

Location:just east of the ponds, before the genny





Total Hits: 1

Total Boated:0

Species Breakdown:probably a brown

Hot Lure: Nk black and gold w white back (forgot the name)

Trolling Speed: 1.5-2.5

Down Speed:

Boat Depth:8-20 ft

Lure Depth: 4-7 ft




Wheres the fish?? i was smokin the browns last weekend with 6 caught over 6 LBS with largest being just over 8 ripping cleos on the top and trolling NKs in 5- 15 FOW. today was a diffrent story. I found the fish, but they turned out to be some carp ( couldnt tell at 5:45 in the morning). had one fish hit on a black/gold NK out in front of a creek mouth, but there was no surface action like there had been last week. There was some baitfish in real close, but couldnt find the Browns today, or for that matter, the past few days. Im now waiting for a good rain to push them up close again, till then i have officially lost the fish in my area from the yak ;(

heres the biggest one from last week


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nope, just a nice male Brown. it looks like a salmon from the color from the pic, but it was deffinantly a brown. im still looking for my first salmon from the yak :P

Sorry Bud....but I'm gonna beg to differ on that being a brown. It is a "precocious" 2 year old male king that is (was) going to spawn this year. And a wild one at that (adipose present).

That fish has NO brown trout characteristics---large, haloed spots on head and sides, square tail spotted ONLY on the top half, etc.. That fish has large spots covering most of its FORKED tail and even its kype shows a salmon appearance---a spawning male brown at this time of year would display a much sharper, pointed kype.

FWI...we caught quite a few of those 2 year old spawning kings this August and September and a fair number were wild fish. Some biologists contend its the sign of a healthy population and a well balanced ecosytem.

Nice catch though-----now you CAN say you've caught your first slamon out of your kayak! :yes::clap:

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How is it that your rear grab-handle is sticking straight up?

I dont know :rofl: handle msta gotten real excited about the fish i caught... i just think that its real tough nylon, it does it alot. yeah, shadsters right about this bein tons of fun, and its an easy way for me to get out for a few hours w/o having to worry about expenses or issues from a boat. although someday, i wouldnt mind runnin bass tourneys in a nice bass boat 8)

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best way ive learned to identify a salmon from a trout is to look in the mouth, coho's will have a white interior mouth with a black gum line, chinook's will have black gums and a black interior mouth. any of your trout species will be white gums white mouth. also coho's will primarily have just the uper portion of the caudal fin spotted, where as chinooks are fully spotted in the caudal. im in my final semister before i can call myself a freshwater fisheries biologist! thank god! hope this helps. thanks for the update

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