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Canandaigua Sunday AM

Adm Byrd

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We launched out of the north end, fished the west side from German Brothers to Menteth point getting hits constantly till around 11, then they shut off and we quit around noon but the 2 month old battery was too dead to start the big motor and we had a slow ride back to the launch. We ran purple / black, silver / brass and blue silver spoons with no luck on blue. We snagged a small laker just in front of his dorsal fin ad dragged him for a bit until we figured out it wasn't grass - wierd. Picked one 4 -5 lb smallie about 70', a couple more lakers and 8 or 9 rainbows up to 4 lbs. At some point during this the dipsy / spin doctor / fly out 160' screamed, my buddy who has arthritis and moves very deliberately left the drivers seat and had the rod in his hands before I had time to look up, yup he was pumped, landed a beautiful 10 lb lakes who posed for a photo and went back in the lake.



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