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A Couple For This Weekend!


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i was in a rush but kicked some out this week. some i was able to put time into and others i felt rushed for the first time so far. i am leaving tomorrow for chautauqua and meeting up with a bunch of friends to do some fishing and have some good times.

this one i did for myself- foiled gold niagara river walleye in the bigger style in have been messing with that goes DEEP-


i think this is my nicest one so far. there are like 5 shades of gold on this that you can only see so so on the pic-

Solgrande gets the small one-


more firetigers but w/ gold scaled back and white pearl scale sides this time-


some perchs-


and a helin gold scale (very popular on lake st.clair) i think i am gonna give this one a try this weekend in the south end during the day


hopefully one of these or another one i have made gets hit. the weather won't be perfect and we have water temps in the 60's, i don't know what to expect for the tournament in terms of fishing? i am not expecting to do multiple fish like last tourney but instead having to work for them. anyways, i just thought i would throw these up before i leave tomorrow to show what i have been up to.

P.S. good fishing all this weekend! i also did 2 foiled perchs but don't like them enough to post. they turned out more blue than what i wanted but i will fish them.

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it has paid off for me so far- i have caught fish and some decent ones so far this summer and i have been able to meet some cool people. i plan on making plugs for as long as i musky fish and maybe after some years i will have one i am 100% happy w/. lol. hope that at least one good fish this weekend makes a mistake and hits a bait i am using. at least they haven't seen these 100x a day for the past 4 months. i enjoy seeing the finished product turn out, some do work out sometimes and some fail horribly.

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when by tomorrow? lol, it takes time to develop a plug. i spent all summer on the shad profile. when i make one its all yours. i need at least a month to do that even for you larry. i also do a 2 tow eye lip like you like and just haven't posted it. it would go along way in my book if you like my plugs larry. i will show you at 6am at the mayville launch when i register b/c i waited until the last minute. high 30's on saturday am so you'll see me dressed up as if i was hunting. lol. i was just thinking it would be a lot easier to repaint a plow than to try to develop that big of deep diver right now. i do have some HUGE lips i cut though.

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how do i make these? lmao... in so many ways i am still learning. lol. by absolutely no means do i think i know everything and i learn something new on each batch i cook up. trials and tribulations, trials and tribulations joe. i still have sooooooooooo much to learn. there is nothing worse than trying to do your best, working hard and to find out they turn in circles or just sit there w/ no action. lol. its like a big kick in the n*tts when you try hard and they don't work out. thats why i call it the trials and tribulations of baitmaking. all of our fish this weekend came on plugs i made. so- joe, when i really learn how to make each on 100% perfect i will let you know on how i do it, but everything starts w/ a block of wood and your imagination and where you go from there is all your personal preference. if you ever want to bang your head against the wall 10x in the same day- try to make a crankbait. lol.

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