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Canandaigua 9/29 UNBELIEVABLE!!! of course a pic for proof


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Hit Canandaigua lake this morning about 7am and dropped lines by 7:30. Had a few fish early and the jig bite was on and off. Very cloudy out there with a light sprinkle. Fish turned on as the rain slowed. My old friend Jim from Michigan calls Fish-ON and was he in for a fight. No joke 20 minutes to get this fish off the bottom. Every time he gained some line you would hear the drag run back to the bottom. Took a bit longer and I saw color and slipped the net under what is no question the largest lake trout I have caught on the Fingers on my boat! Ran the tape over him quick at 38 inches and he tipped my scale at 17.5 lbs and I know my scale is a little light. What an Amazing day and both guys with me caught the largest Lakers of there lives thus far. The other big fish we caught was 10lbs 8oz. I will try and post the side x side pick later. Boated over 15 lakers today and had one troller workin around us with no one else out there. What a memorable day!



10lb 8oz vs the big boy

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dude hope ya mounted it or are in the process. I'dbe willing to bet that fish is older than you ..

Couple years back maybe 5? my barbers wife got a 18 or 19 lbr outa keuka near the switz and i think from shore ,and i think they have been on that lake for over 40 years so maybe you got your fish of a lifetime early.....or not.

with the spawn approaching the olderfish are getting a little "stupid" a term we use towards big bucks during the rut.

I dont mean to "insult" you if you already know ,but for the guys who don't know ,when lakers spawn they will ""cluster" in hudge numbers in their fun spot(spawing areas).

If you hit one of these spots this time of year specially jigging you could do alot of damage on somebig fish, so if ya do happen on the MONSTER school this time of year,

Ya might just get one for the fight for a new friend then as hard as it will be go hit some bass or bows...10 fish at 3000 eggs could add up quick for replacment brood..

Good for you guys for such a trophy and thanks for sharing ( freeze till senca derby :lol: )

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Hey Mark,

I will be heading up to camp late Friday night. I can spend all day Saturday on the work detail but will have to head back late Sat night as I work Sunday 9-8.

Definately gonna get this one mounted! I don't keep many fish especially if they are 8lbs or more outside of tourny's but i'm gonna make an exception for this one.

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No doubt a geat fish!!!

Unbelievable? Not at all...... last year Gary Brutsman caught one from Canandaigua that was over 19lbs. I believe the record laker for Canandaigua is 26lbs 6oz. caught by Ed Neary.

Cayuga and Seneca could do as well if we could get rid of the lampreys......

Second Chance,

I've heard of many very large lakers taken on Canandaigua. I think the part that struck me as "unbelievable" was more the fact that this was Jim's first time jiggin and his first fish on the jig. We all know how easy it is to drop fish on jigs and he landed this fish with no problems and faught it beautifully. And of course the jig fell out as soon as the fish hit the net. It's like walkin in the woods on your first whitetail hunt and shootin a twelve pointer.

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yeah, but it wasn't a woman you heard...an excited 8yr old and 13 yr old fighting and netting fish lol! We only hooked up about 7 times, average size lakers and a big smallmouth. We pull alot of copper, but never really tried jigging, kind of getting interested in it!

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