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accudepth 27lc reel, with rod preferably

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Just a word of caution, don't waste that amount of money on the black and gold Accudepth. The gray ones, Accudepth Plus are worth the money. From my shopping, Dicks is expensive for trolling rods and reels. Gander and BPS are cheaper.

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still looking.... Im looking to pay maybe $50-$60 or so for a used combo, can get one new for about $85 but i dont want to spend that much, and dont need one in mint condition. PM me or email me at [email protected] if you prefer.

I may consider a 37lc or something similar to the accudepth 27lc if its out there, but im looking for the smallest one i can get due to it being used in my kayak. Dont care what brand rod, but preferably 2 piece, 7-10 foot, and can be used with the mini dipsys. Thanks guys

Also looking for 2 flushmount rod holders for the yak, preferably Scotty

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