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Out of the military.


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Name: Bradley Bennigsohn

Location: Fairport, NY

Home Port:

Boat Name/Type:

I fish for: Anything that swims


Hello everyone. Just finished up ten years in the Navy and I decided to come home to New York. Mostly fly fish for trout, salmon, or steely's. That's what I grew up doing and since I sold my boat before leaving the west coast not as many options as I once had. LOL. I would appreciate any advice or good spots to try around the Rochester area. Thank you.

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I hit that up yesterday. I spent about 3 hours there and didn't see one fish hooked. I couldn't remember when the big salmon and steely runs were. I also tried out by Webster Park. Water levels were really low. Found a few holes with some fish though. Thank you for the reply. Good luck out there.

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Another spot to try might be irondequoit pier my son and I were waiting for my father in law last year, a little bit earlier in the year like say Sept. , to go perch fishing so we walked out on the pier with a silver spinner bait and did some casting and hooked about a 8-9 lb rainbow there were fish jumping everywhere. Just a thought.

Good Luck!


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