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"Fishtails" = The area behind the Anal fin !!!!!!!!!!!!!

ray koziatek

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A few years back I met another great member of this site ...............................And Rod too!

rod ,(fishtails) rick(dieselhp) and myself made a attempt to enter a striped bass derby in New Jersy..

In the parking lot i notice the squatting wheels under the weight of rods little boat ,of course only having 20lb pressure in a 65lb wheel could of been part of the cause.

then comes the launch and the excitement of a kid after a 7 hr drive to disnyworld im ready to go.

After raking 10 barrels of leaves from the back of the boat I discover their was two engins under them,course only one worked..

so off to my van for tools to make repairs (i missed that part in the invite),in 20 min we determin the problem a "good mech" missed in 2 attempts to repair.

So it was off to the flats ,with a few more underway repairs to the radar tower ,things got a little "testy" as i discovered a FEW issues but a few brewskies ,ok a few more , ok sh*t faced hammered , we worked out the issues in the Hotel after a testing day ,,,

Fast forward (oh the stripper derby was a blowoff) to the pro ams and more good times are had with my buddy who derives his name from the area behind the ANAL fin.

plugs,towels,and a couple more brews have been shared over the years ,So I bash with pride as only a friend would do..

Happy BIRFDAY Rod ,Hope all is well and you enjoy your day despite my post.

So to a guy who derives his board name from the anal end of a fish ,I look forward to your firm handshake this comming spring or in the keys !!

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Ahhh....fond memories of the good old days, eh Ray. I don't really remember it that way? Is my memory really that bad in my old age or did ya tweek the story "just a tad" :D:D We've had some good laughs the past several years :yes:

Hope to see ya down in the keys this winter bud, and thanks for the well wishes!

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The problem with "numbnuts" it could be named after all of us after loosing the big one(small ones never get away),or hitting the 27 line with the beverages at the dock, running west with the winning team pulling in from the east!!

doing circles with double copper out, Ok the list could go on for 2 pages you get the drill.

I guess if you know Rod the true "numbnuts" would be a bare hook with no HAIR :lol:

(oh im good) :rofl::rofl::clap::clap:

or it could be all silver to represent a "Chrome Dome" :rofl::rofl:

Hey times are a changing we need removable skirts , use a larger dia head so it will slip off the knot end for quick change,maybe glue the skirts split the head and secure to the line wirt a "O" rong or piece of silicone tubing some redesigning of the head will be needed Ill come up with the idea you just send me some to test run..

"Kwick Change Flys " when seconds count...Tell ya what ya gotta think outa the box imagine having 100 flys in a flat box ,,nohook tangles, if you cant make this work on your own call me and ill help (If you pay my pro/am fees )....no more charters with 100 flys dangling in their eyes..just a "quick change" drying storage line....you could even make little clothes pins for folks like musky who enjoy doing hosework on their boats..

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The "Numbnuts" fly? I want one!

It's captain numnuts to you Gary :D

Rick, It's a little inside joke, but I wear the name well, don't ya think? :lol: With the friends I've picked, It's sure a good thing I can laugh at myself.

As for the other names.... I have no comment :devil:

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