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Bow Buck


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Took this buck at 9:40am Sunday, Oct 17. 17 yard shot with a G5 100 grain Striker broadhead shot from my Mathews Switchback XT. Double lung and he went only 50 yds! Alot of commitments this year and hunting alone so it feels good to get a buck down early. Good hunting to all! Tank




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Tank way to shoot when the pressure is on, we all can wack a target but things dont always go as planned when the pressure is on .

but comonive got a pic of your deer eating outa my hand at 1 yd :lol:

so here is yer deer 20 sec before your 17" shot,,a beauty taken the other day in Campbell by a friend of a friend. And a pic of what i hope to bring home from indiana in a few weeks.....

I feel your time pain busy,busy i have 3 heating jobs going at once with a line waiting,just leased 150 acrs in odessa and have not even had the chance to do a walkabout yet..




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Nice buck, great shot, first week of November for me is all I get......time....shorter and shorter all the ....time. Ray, Ive done all yer scouting for ya... I'm in Indiana and Ohio three trips this week, looks like they are all laying around in big bloody splashes down the roads. with any luck I'll miss a big one for ya.


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