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Opening Day Buck

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Well, I told myself after seeing some bruisers on the camera, that I was gonna wait for one of them to show up during bow season before taking a shot...so much for the plan! At about 8:30 opening morning, this 9-point came strolling out and gave me too long to think about it. After wandering around for a while, he turned broadside at about 35 yards and gave me a good shot. I'll tell you...I can't say enough about the Rage broadheads...he only went about 30 yards and piled up in front of my stand...my kind of tracking job. Of course...I know this means that the next time I sit in the stand, one of the big fellas will walk out, but he'll have to wait for shotgun season. :)



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Rule number 1 : NEVER draw back on a buck ...........yer not looking for.........It will happen..Ive seen many 120 class bucks grow to 150 then shrink down to a 100 after its down.. now ya gotta train that trigger finger for gun season...


Bottom line ya got yer meat and saved 300.00 (mount) ..so take the wife shoppin and give her the money....................WAIT ya still might get the big one with the gun ,tell her yer broke and she will have to shop alone....Whew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice shot ..

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Nice buck RA! I agree the shot placement does make the success but the Rage does devistate more than others and there are shots i.e. liver that might alllow a buck to run a bit farther. I have shot multiple 190-212lb bucks in the past few years with Rage heads and while they would have been down sooner or later it was definitely sooner, all fell within 45-50 yards of the point of impact. Rage broadheads aren the end all but they turn some marginal or not perfect shots into mortal wounds. In a perfect world everyone makes 10 ring shot but your not a bowhunter if you haven't had a shot fly bad or jumped the trigger, if it hasn't happened to you it will, period. Why not put the odds in your favor. I'm not saying you should switch from what works but one thing is for sure the Rage heads are proven to work outstanding as many of hte products out there do. Good luck all. :yes:

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