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Soooo Close ...

on the lam

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Had this guy within 50 yds this morning. He was doggin a doe hard, never could get a shot. Then a broken horn buck tried to get involved in his love interest, so he pinned his ears back and got tough chasing the little buck off. Woods were alive this AM. Saw 6 different bucks in a 2 hour period, all on move birddoggin' except one. Had a 6 pt come right to the corn block for a bite while this big guy was tryin to get some a short distance away.

I hadn't had him on camera till yesterday, and only saw him for the first time this morning. Hope he stays in the area.


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Get down & stalk him IF you see him again. He is a 'roaming' buck & not likely to stick around inside your doe unit (they are great in rifle season but heartbreakers in bow season). Just my 2 cents!

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Well I had another encounter (2nd)with that guy again yesterday, and the result was the same. He is still running does almost two weeks after I first saw him. Had him, the doe, and a smaller buck 50/75 yds away. (the smaller buck kept getting run off LOL.) They appeared to have been at it for a while. A lot of standing around lookin at one another. The big guy is impressive with a bright sun shining on him. As everybody knows its all about the doe and where she goes. Had her facing my location at about 50 yds and assumed she would keep coming, so when he approached her from the rear and she bolted, she made a u-turn :@ . So after 15 minutes of waiting and hoping for a chance at him, I got to watch his rack disappear in the other direction ;( So I will take my wounded pride to NY (redneck rifle hunting in Greene NY) next weekend and try again. The bow season has been good to me, lots of action, passing on many smaller bucks and thats a win for me. I hope to see that big guy again in the shotgun or muzzleloader season. Good luck to everyone who hunts NY next week.

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