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Looking for a taxidermist


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I am hoping someone can help me out. I have two fish I need mounted. I have tried calling two taxidermist and they never call back after leaving a message. I have a steel head that my daughter caught and a brown trout that put me in 5th place for the Fall LOC. If any one knows of a responsible taxidermist, would you please send me their phone number. These fish are in the freezer at the Slippery Sinker. The last two taxidermist I have tried to get never have called or showed up.



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had a nice mount done by mountain man taxedermies (you can drop it off at mitchells baitshop on lake ave right by the charlotte pier), saw some nice mounts of kings and trout when i picked up my largemouth.... $10 an inch hurts, but thats pretty much the standard price, and memories with kids are worth the price :yes: If i remember correctly, the actaul taxedermist was located by hamlin off the thruway

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It's a ride for you, but I've had my mounts done by Fish Wish Taxidermy in Pulaski. Maggie Rathje is the owner and can be reached at 315-298-4588. I've been extremely impressed with her work and turn-a-round time. My first was a 33lb King back in 1997. It still looks as good as the day I picked it up.


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