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Service member coming home.


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Been out of the military for about two months now and this is my first time hunting back in upstate NY in over a decade. Any good public land to deer hunt in western ny? Im not a group hunter. I hunt by myself and try to drag the old lady out from time to time. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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This may come across as strange but if your home than don't you already know that western New york is covered in state lands that are ready for the taking. You might want to go to Stid hill, Rattlesnake hill, or better yet get your self a New york State Atlas & Gazzetteer and find out the closest hunting property. As a Fairport native my self you have to go south before you'll find anything but there's ALWAYS people on the WMA's . Don't think your going to be "Alone" opening day of deer season is a MADHOUSE.


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If you are somewhat of an adventurer and don't mind rugged terrain, check out the West side of Hemlock Lake. I've heard that canoe access can get you to some interesting spots, but it's steep stuff. Checking out a topo map would be an essential starting point.

Lots of land at the South end of Honeoye, too...some of it quite swampy...again, canoe back in or wear waders. I wouldn't want to go in blind, though.

As Steve mentioned, lots of more conventional spots that will show up on a Gazeteer. I've found that county-owned land often won't show up as public hunting property, though, so if you know the area you want to hunt, you might want to look at a county map. Hunting public land later in the season can be productive, especially if you take extreme care about scent reduction.

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