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11th hour 10 pt....


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Last minute deer.

Last evening of the 2010 bow season. Been a strange bow season! After traveling to Pavilion for a month straight and not seeing a lot of deer, I decided to hunt behind my house in Webster. Got in the stand at 2:58 PM shot...him at 3:01 PM. Nice 10 point with a 19" inside spread. Hit him at 24 yards through a 8" window of branches. The hit was a bit forward, so I gave him some time. Got down check the arrow, he had 6 inched snapped off with the broad-head. Then the rain started, and had very little blood. About 45 minutes later found a nice area of blood. Turns out, I only hit one lung, so I had to put another arrow into the other lung about 1.5 hours after the first hit. While tracking him, had a 150-160 class 8 point 15 yards away from me on the ground. Watched him wrap behind me and right under my stand. Nothing like the last minute!




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