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Happy Birthday RUNNIN REBEL


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Thanks fellas, for reminding me that i am that much older/closer to the people around here. (WOW wishes from Vermont too). Shaun happy bday to you too! Well i guess i will hop on over to Mambi Pambi Land now and get some birthday pizza today. Thanks again all ya Jack Wagons, and thats why this yellow site makes me happy.

REMINDER: if any short wise guys (or tall chefs,taxidermist,salesman,charter chumps,policeman,dentists,truck drivers,computer geeks or people named LARRY, ETC) decide to contribute brilliant twisted well conceived jabs. THE MODerator SQUAD here will act swiftly upon you !!!!!

Thanks again you people realy need more AM radio and less time on here though.



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Happy Birthday Jerry, from Steph and I. I can still remember oh-so- clearly how you would walk off your nervous energy through the streets of "downtown" Olcott before and during the Pro-Ams. You of course were clad in camo pants WAY before they were in vogue.

Make sure "in the midnight hour, you cry more, more, more" and give a "Rebel yell" later. Have a great day and many more. Wind should die by tomorrow so you should go get a crack at "one eyed jack". Looking forward to Spring so I can actually talk to you in person.

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box of sidewalk chalk ,Hmmmmm I wondered what you did in the off season. Do you set up shop in front of the mall or downtown? Or do you word for CSI at the crime sites with Chalk outlines!!!!! :lol:

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