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i am akid in need of some decent spots near home

just a kid

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Hey everone i live near buck pond and i am looking for some good ice fishing spots for the upcoming season close to home . I have a hand auger, a shanti,some tipups, jiging poles, a depthfinder off a boat, a waterproof camra, a sled and some time. suggestions are welcome thanks.

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I have tried most of the ponds and I allways get skunked I have only pulled a dozen perch through the ice in 3years so maybe I am not fishing the right places I would like to catch some walleyes this year cause I hear they are good eating thanks

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try using rapala jigs,Best ice lure to use for larger game fish,keep in mind if u want pike u need to use the largest bait possible.

Respectfully disagree on bait size. Sounds like the kid is just wanting to get into some fish. My best advice is to use bass minnows. That is all we generally use while fishing the ponds and Braddocks. They are big enough where the pike take them without hesitation, but small enough that big jack perch, bass, or walleye will also.

I would also reccomend trying Braddocks if you want pike. The ponds have them but not in the aboundance that Braddocks does. Try the marina right off E. Manitou Rd. There will also be more guys there and you can learn from others. I fish this area quite a bit. Feel free to PM if you want.

For bait try Mitchell's on Lake ave. in Charlotte or the deli store between Braddocks marina and Cranberry on E. Manitou has them.

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