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iceing muskies-SEASON IS CLOSED!!!


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For those of you who ice muskies during the winter season keep in mind this one thing....MUSKIE SEASON IS CLOSED.Last year some fool had iced 2nice musky down on waneta(i`m sure more were taken) and seamed pretty proud of himself in the picture.That picture was forwarded to the nysdec(thanx retired eco-iceshanty) as will yours if WE see you.These fish IF caught by accident MUST be released immediatley back to the water unharmed and may not be targeted in ANY way.Please help conserve and protect this species in our waters.These fish are found only in a few lakes across ny,they are not abundant.

If you happen to see an iced muskie in your travels give the dec a call.I`ll be sending them last years photo to remind them of what takes place down there.



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very very good i am so glad to see someone writing about this. it is BS. i got kicked off of ice shanty last year arguing with some idiot who was targeting and keepin muskie on waneta. plus the muskie fishin was terrible this summer and fall there. take care.

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