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I Might Be A blowboater.............

ray koziatek

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Many years ago I had a very small sailboat ..For many years i wanted to sail the intercoastal to flordia..maybe a 26 to 30 ftr. Im getting to that retirement (third childhood) age ,but not too old for another life adventure.

Has anyone ever done this trip, and have suggestions to boat size.. I promise to troll the whole way and never loose my common boating sence. nor forget my "Roots"...

Still just a tiny thought in the back of the noggen,but with a little wind a spark might become a fire..

Then i can wear a W.A.F.I. hat too.. Wind Assisted Friggin Idiot.

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just a tiny thought in the back of the noggin


(Pick a reply)

...tsk, tsk...and it not even winter yet...

...You have our most sincere condolences...

...Musky always said you have the keel for it...

...They say the 1st step out of the closet is the hardest…

…Are you going to change your name to “Ray Ragboatski�...

…A Sailboat :P Are you nucking futz?...


Tom B.


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Pearson 28' Triton is the boat you want. Time tested hull (been making them since the 60s), can sleep 4. These are classically designed and forgiving boats and from my personal experience can handle some very rough water. -Andy

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If it is something you have wanted to do for years, I say go for it. Too many of us get caught up in the trivial stuff of our lives, which we think is very important at the time and suddenly realize that life has passed us by.

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Geese i ant swearing a aleagence to sailboating just wanna do the trip at minum fuel use ..Ok OK ill put some ore locks on the pegasus but after rowing that for 2400 miles i dont care if i am 3ft 5in tall you all better call me sir or ill punch all yer kneecaps off!!!

Actually if i got a small diesel powered ,ripped off the sail and mast Id have room for a above deckclothsline and make some good fuel millage too....or i could buy one down there and sail it back home via lake ontario during the spring derby :devil:

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Dear Ray,

As far as using a sailboat for going up or down the intercoastal to Florida.....you had better be prepared for some extended time on the water. A long, long time!!! Your food costs will soar because of all the time waiting to get by weather! The Alligator River in the Carolina's(intercoastal route) has all kinds of "good old boys" ready to fleece your wallet when you strike underwater objects in the middle of the channel. Running the "outside" route in order to avoid these unsavory areas will put you in extreme danger because of your inability to run from weather fronts. I have several friends who have done this trip and longer ones too.....Maine to Florida. Been invited several times to pilot a 56' on lonnnnnnngggggg trips. I have declined in order to keep my sanity...evidently you must be insane or close to it. Overnite dock fees alone will buy you a nice airline ticket. Dream about it, but read about or talk to long haul boaters and then you may realize how tough & expensive these trips can be!!!

Sincerely,......Jet Boat Bill

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