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Atomic flies


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Can anyone tell me if the massive amounts of "atomic" flies on the current LOC leaderboard for Salmon are the same as the "A-Tom-Ik" ones. I did a search for "atomic" and only found "A-Tom-Ik". Just getting back in the big boat game and am currently outfitting boat. Thanks in advance. Tank

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From the A-TOM-MIK Reports page:

Per Request

Top 10 fly patterns in the last week, in order of total fly sales for 7 days

1) #102 Hammer (Internet sales influence)

2) #106 Big Fin Fly

3) #096 TG Fly

4) #041 Ultra Green Glow

5) #110 Ace Fly (Internet sales influence)

6) #097 Mirage (Canadian sales & distributorship sales influence)

7) #119 Glow Hammer

8) #023 Crinkle Green

9) #022 Powder Blue

10) #068 Black/Purple/Glow (Canadian sales influence)


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If you want good colors to start off with, go with the Hammer, Packer, and the mirage. The Attomik flies are more durable than any other brand. They also make more color patterns.

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