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ice walleye with pics and video

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I just got back from Canada where I was part of a crew from g2 that was shooting a tv show for http://www.realfishing.com with Bob Izumi. I dont know how many of you have ever heard of Bob but he is a Canadian Legend. We spent 2 days on the ice fishing from about 7-11am and 2-5 pm each day. We managed over 60 fish and 16 over 10 lbs. Many fish in the 5-9lb range. A truly fun time with some great guys. The last picture is a video so just click on it. The episode should air this coming march I will keep you updated. I am getting some 2-3 day packages together if folks are interested

















This here is a camera phone video while the real video is going on- click on it

http://s42.photobucket.com/albums/e323/ ... 950011.mp4

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BASS FISHING HEY I SAW THAT!!!!!! seems like this spring when i went to the hudson and got striped bass over 37 inches you made some comment like "YEA BUT ITS STILL JUST A BASS" Now yer talkin yer gonna actually terget bass.

After lookin at the above pics it appears the other guys are doing all the catchin ,handing you their fish so you can run through some little tunnell cradeling the first walleye youve ever had in your hands to release it in another hole..

bass fishing huumph i get a 25lb pluss bass and you say "just another bass" hey i have a nice bow mount trollin motor with 18 ft remote control ,and it can accept the wireless remote if you have too much rubber spread out on yer lap to move. might even have one or two of them ther castin reels with the hydro mechanical,magnetic induction antibacklash idiot proof deevises built right in it...

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He is really is an outstanding guy. VERY down to earth, it was like we were just fishing. Cracks jokes, busts balls. The kinda guy that is just like his personality on tv. It was alot of fun Perch predator

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