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merry christmas to all.


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Well with the shopping done for the family I'm kicking back for a couple days. Its been another year for us all some great days and some down days.

We've celebrated new births and morned the loss of loved ones.

We've had great times at derbys,rec fishing,and sharing stories tho some might stray from the truth a tad :lol:

We've shared tips,secrets,and even a few tears. AND ,

We've even had are normal spats and dissagrements on different things..



.Yup just like one big family,or L.O.U. gang.

I Wish Us All a Merry Christmas , Happy New Year ,so for now well lower our guns and celebrate the Birth of Christ... the cold will pass as fast as it came and in no time we'll begin to migrate to our common summer stompin grounds hope to see ya there .

Ray K.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and thanks to all LOU members who generously share their knowledge here. Thanks to all the troops keeping us safe and making our celebrations possible. May Twenty eleven should be the beginning of a great decade for all.


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