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Auger blades sharpening


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Take my advice and buy new ones. I have been a ice fanatic for some time now. I have had blade sharpened and tried all the tricks to makeing old or dull blades cut again only to buy new ones. Take my tricks and use them they will keep your blades sharp for years. I have three augers, a power auger (strikemaster) and two hand augers(lazers). I use one hand auger for cutting next to roads and bridges. Snow plows throw salt and sand and rocks to the ice and that will dull your blades fast. My other two I use on all other ice conditions.Throw a jar of petrollium jelly in your sled and after you fish for the day give them a good coating. And when you store them take them off your drill and again coat the snot out of them and place them in a container. I tell you this works and you can cut clean crisp fast holes for years. I am on my sixth season with my power auger and on my fifth with both my lazers. The "road drill is going to need them next year. Hope this helps you.

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