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Roller Rods

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I have a couple dipsy rods with regular eyelets and a twilli tip I use with wire.I don't really like the feel of all the friction and the loss of a consistant drag when fighting a fish. I am thinking of purchasing rods with the rollers. Are they worth the expence? will they solve my problems? What brands are felt to be a good value in your opinion?

Thanks in advance


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Shimano 8' roller rods have served me well for the last five years. Plus they have a lifetime guarantee, which they honered for me after I broke off one of the roller guides. Got a free replacement, which was super!!!

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I like bretts place on the bay he is more of an eBay seller but gladly accepts ph calls and will customize your order how ever you want it. He will even spool it for you. Big lake outfitters is also good to deal with.

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