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Ronnie D

Xingtau, Yet another new guy

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Ok lets try this again since my first novel got zapped.

Name: Ron

Handle: Xingtau (I tried Lonely fisherman but gonna stick with my long time alias)

Boat: 19.5' SeaNymph GLS;

Common launch: Sandy Creek, Hamlin

I grew up fishing the costal waters around Boston for blues, stripers, cod and flounder with my dad. Did some bass fishing on my own. Move up to Rochester 14 yrs ago now and picked up stream fishing for trout, then discovered Sandy for bass pike panfish and the occasional sheepshead.

Finally got this GLS and I rediscovered my love for the open water. The lake is just like the ocean without the smell. This is my first season on the lake.

Been working with dipsys to get started. Finally landed my first two trout the June 10th, evening and 11th AM.


no idea what to do with it once I cauht it. My first fish.

didnt weigh or measure it but the tackle box is 20" long.


My first brown. 23". Very tasty!

Yeah yeah I had already started gutting it before I got someone to help me with a picture.

lost a nice rainbow right at the boat while reaching for the net.

ALL caught 70fow, 40' down on mono/dipsys with a black and purple spoon with a red bead for an eye. The blue box in the picture was a gift from my neighbor. it was full of spoons to get me started! He also donated two boat rods and reels to the cause!

No salmon for me yet but I just finished bolting on my first of 2 downriggers so I am ready for what sounds like its gonna be a sweet 4th of july weekend and lead in.

The Sandy creek crew has been very helpful. Bogey and the other guys out of East Fork and along the creek are great. Everyones friendly as I pass by and generous with info.

Few weeks ago, in a 2' or so chop saw a guy buzzing around come to an abrupt stop and sit dead in the water after breaking his throttle cable. I went over to him and ended up towing him in. He turned me on to this community. If you read this bud, drop me a PM so we can talk about that beer ya offered! heh. The community and information here are worth more than anything though!

If anyone wants to fish with me some morning, send me a PM and we will talk about it. Giving a friend your old boat is the fastest way to loose a fishing partner. He doesnt do early morning and doesn't like to troll either (maybe because I suck at it) so he stays in the creek and near the shore. Now that I have downriggers I should get on some more fish.

Turned into another book. Sorry for being so longwinded.


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