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Oneida Lake Water Quality


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Thinking of some day buying a place on Oneida Lake and wondered about the water quality. Is the lake clean enough to swim in (my wife is a big swimmer), and fish clean enough to eat? Also what about algae blooms/smell? I heard that they are not as bad as years ago. Are we only talking about one bloom in late summer, or more than that. How long does the bloom typically last? Any info you regulars can provide is appreciated.

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It's a very nice lake. We were looking at property here as well, but ended up finding something elsewhere. It's relatively shallow for it's surface area so it warms nicely in the summer, tubing and swimming are good but be prepared for wading in weeds if swimming from shore, there are few if any steep break lines- shallow for a good ways out nearly everywhere. Fishing is great for sm lm bass eyes perch burbot and pickerel. Pike these days are rare. Best inland lake around for eater eyes, so yes, plenty clean.

There are tournaments every day on the weekends including an annual stop on the pro bass tour. so be prepared for some potential noise at 7 am or earlier every weekend if you are not tucked back in a bay, particularly if you are near oneida shores park on the sw shore.

The water quality is good for such a shallow lake. Yes it can get a bit greenish mid summer, but generally not pea soup, save for an occasional bloom as you mentioned. Cant say how frequently that is tho. Turnover can get a bit stinky too, particularly on the south shore in late fall but no one is swimming then.

Good luck with the hunt!

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