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Happy birfday LAWRENCE!!!!!

ray koziatek

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sO THE OLL Capt.is still putting smokes in the monkeys moulth another year.boy if you could transfer10% of what you know and 100% of what you forgot about fishing their wouldnt be any fish left in the lake.

Hava great day larry, if it will make you feel any better ill go get my lobster limit (in one hour or less 6) then ill fish the rest of the day in 75 deg weather :lol: ,Just for you heck ill even cook the little critters and eat them for ya.all ya gotta do is sit back and enjoy the "hope and change"===hope you can still fill the boat for under $1000.00 and get some change back..

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Thanks for the b-day wishes everyone, hard to believe I've been a passenger on this orb for 55 trips around the sun but it's been a great ride so far.

Ray, please go for the lobsters and enjoy every minute but wipe the butter off your thumbs before you start typing. Thanks again


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