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CUSE' fan roll call

on the lam

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Anyone paying attention to the Cuse'. Winning the pinstripe bowl after a successful season, and the hoops team tearin it up. (4th in nation this week) That team is loaded with talent, 10 deep, and I love the way Boeheim is using them. I'm sitting 4th row across from the visitors bench at the Prudential Center in Newark NJ (murder capitol of NJ) :yes: on Saturday. Hope to see them crush Seton Hall, Can't wait. Anyone been to the Dome to see them yet this season???

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hell pete, thought u were calling all cousins to muster????

john :devil::beer:

OK John, I have to admit I googled "cousins to muster" to figure out what it meant. But was was guessing it had a military meaning. I guess I should walk up to the Legion with you once in a while, maybe i'll learn something. :yes::beer:

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north of the border, but a huge 'Cuse hoops fan as well

i'll root for 'em on the gridiron as well, but I have a soft soft for the Oregon Ducks though... Joey Harrington & Onterrio Smith hooked me 10 yrs ago, heart breaker on Monday night, but Chip Kelley is a solid coach & they should recruit very well for the next while,

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