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question on LOTSA Super Salmon Clinic Feb 26/Expo Feb 27

Tim Bromund

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So who all from the LOU Community are planning on coming to see Capt Vince Pierleoni and Capt Bob Cinelli's Seminar on Saturday the 26th? We were thinking that during the lunch break, if there was some interest, that we would reserve several tables for LOU members to sit together, meet and greet, put faces to names and all that sort of stuff.

Tables are almost fully booked for the Expo on Sunday, so there should be lots of good deals again this year.

We are also closing in on a hotel deal for the weekend and I will be posting those details as soon as it is finalized.

Anyways, respond here if you are already registered for or are planning on registering for Saturday and/or coming to the Expo. Lets get some discussion going on this. Personally I'm really looking forward to learning all of Vince's secrets :clap::):yes:


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Good Idea Tim. It doesn't look like I will get there early enuff for the Sat seminar. I won't roll into town till later in the day. Hope to see some of you guys out and about Sat. night though.

Now, as far as Vinny giving up his secrets :lol: Well, I remain optimistically pessimistic about that but I know it will be a very enlightening seminar. Vince is a great speaker! Should be a great show!!

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