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Wire Dipsy Rod Set-Up

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Ok, looks like I will be getting the Tekota's (600LC) for reels to match my blue diamond rods. Now my next set of questions:

1. How much wire should I put on each reel?

2. I have heard people using a "backing". What is it, what should I use, and how does one make a backing?

3. What knot should I use to tie the wire?

4. How often does the wire need to be replaced?

Thank you in advance for your responses! I can't wait to get these set up and in the water this spring!!

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I put 1000 feet on each of my reels I put 30 lb dacron backing line(it is like braided line) on the spool before I put the wire on I didn't tie the wire to the backing I only used the backing so the wire has something to grab on to so it wouldn't slip There is a picture post on how to tie the wire I'm pretty sure someone will post it for you This is why it's sad that we lost all the old posts there was so much info on this subject :( .My reels are new so I don't know when you need to replace the wire I hope someone will answer it for the both of us.One other thing make sure you spool the wire on as tight as you can.the best way from what I have read is to take a 1 lb weight tie the wire on and let it all out behind your boat then reel it in and you should be ready to go.I put mine on by putting the spool on a big screw driver then put it thru a tennis ball the press it in to a vise and then adjust the pressure as needed.I have had no problems on my wire rig doing it that way.these are the only 2 ways I know This is the best I can give you it not much but I hope it helps.

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I'd recommend 1000' of wire with no backing. I've been doing this on my Daiwa SG47LCA's for several years without so much as a single problem. I put a single wrap of electrical tape on the spool to keep the wire from slipping, then spool all 1000' up as TIGHTLY as you can get it. Spooling it up loosely is a recipe for disaster. No backing required.

The line I use is from McMaster Carr. Seven strand stainless. You can find it here: http://www.mcmaster.com/ Type in product #3458T11. Maniac showed me this line a few years ago, and I've stuck with it because it just works, plus it's a bit less expensive to buy it this way than it is to buy it from the tackle shop.

As far as the knot goes, it's real simple:

pic 1 doubled line through eye of swivel, this gets half hitched to the eye


pic 2 complete half hitch


pic 3 overhand knot in tag and main line


pic 4 completed knot


Photos from Tim Brommund.

As far as when to replace the wire line goes...if you run your fingers over the line and there are kinks in it, cut that section out right away. It'll break off at the kink the next time you get a big fish on if you don't. The line will get all pig-tailed at the end, but as long as there aren't any kinks, it'll be fine. I keep a lot of tension on the line when I'm handling it to avoid the kinks. If you take tension off of it, you're just asking for problems.

Hope this helps.

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Nope, no backing at all. As far as the snow goes....i'm REALLY bummed with this weather. We're still open at Greek Peak, but barely. I'll be there all weekend leading clinics for new-hires and returning instructors. I skied in VT a couple of weeks ago, but that's it so far. Prolly gonna make a run out West over the winter...maybe Snowbird & Alta.

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Bill: Thanks for re posting Tim's knot for the wire it works great. No more screwin with crimps and all that crap. I was a bit hesitant to use it but I've never had it fail since using it.

Port Bay Tim: I don't run backing. 1000ft of wire is the norm. I run 30lb. haven't run 40. The only difference from the above posts are that I do tie it around the spool with a piece of tape to hold the knot in place when i start to spool it on. Tying it around the spool just gives a bit of insurance.


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You want to tape the wire to the spool after you tie it on. I use the packing tape with the nylon filiments in it. Like Billie said you want it on real tight . I just got some tekotas 600lc and I think they have the post on the spool so you won't have to tape those.

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Here's another trick I found to reduce tackle loss on dipsey rigs. Instead of tying the snap swivel direct to your wire, first tie a 120lb Spro swivel using the same knot that was shown , then tie about 2' of good 50lb mono with the coast locksnap swivel at the end. It works as a shock cord when the fish hit violently or your people seem to have a problem in setting hooks! It works great & yes the small Spro barrels can be reeled into the rod guides without damadge. I change the mono about every three days when the dipseys are hard at work. I did not loss a rig last year & took over 170 kings on our dipseys in Aug. It also depends on which snubbers you use behind the dipsey, I run Lure jensen's with the dacron inside.

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