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Went Walleye fishing and...


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I was walleye fishing in 20 feet of water and thought I had hooked another decent eyeball. I finally get the fish up to the hole and to my surprise a 9.5 lb laker. I couldnt believe the fight in this fish. Possibly because it came out of short water? I caught some decent walleye as well. The laker was a pretty rare catch for the area.





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Everybody wonders why we chase lakers on the Bar during the Spring derby. Kinda funny, a 24' Wellcraft drifting along with the river guys. But our arms at the end of the day tell the tale. I just wish that there was better ice access to those big L. Ontario slobs. There seems to be very few places where you have a legit shot at them.

That's a killer way to end a great weekend, Mike. Congrats!


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