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Seneca 1-16-11

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Hey Gang, Fished seneca today on bob's boat. Lake was nice and somewhat co-operative. Fished right out of watkins. From about 8:30 am til 3. Boated around 20 fish or so. we ran boards with 3 color and 5 color leadcores. Wire dipsys. Color was chartreuse and Watermelon. Stinger and DW spoons were the ticket with some NK 28s firing too. Tried a style of using the boards i havent in years since i was a little tyke. Used just the normal smaller dipsy, with mono, out on the board. ran her back 80 foot. i figured its diving around 30 foot or so. Didnt take long and it fired. Real nice football brown right off the bat. Flat lined a stick for a while about 80 foot in the prop wash, took one shot. Alot of cookie cutters and nice lakers on the wires @ 250 on counter. North and south troll produced. Shortly after, wires were going back and forth from side to side.. Look up and wire fires as setting the other. Thought it was gone when the shakes quit. Ended up being a brute of an Atlantic. Must of charged the boat... ;) . With doubles being pretty common today, and potential triples, today was a great day. Surface temp is 39 degrees. We were the only boat on the water. It was nice, and always a pleasure fishing with good friends. Hope to be out again next weekend.

Tight lines guys.

Nick O

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Throw your releases out fellas!!! I use releases yes, but use rubberbands, dollar store... works grat for copper and core, even dipsys. as far as gettin em down the line, just coax it along... with the bands, if u have a cookie cutter on there, you see every bit of action on the rods too. works great and never fails.. just remember to run the higher lines out to the board!! tight lines.

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