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Hello fellow members !!!!

Got out about 5 pm with my oldest boy (9 yrs), school's out for summer and an old friend. Water had a 1-2 ft roll but no chop so it seemed like a good nite for fishing. We werent disappointed. By 5:45 we hab boated 2 8 lbs plus rainbows which provided us with some good acrobatics and some strength training for the young lad. Running riggers with cheaters 15' above .90 fow down 50-60 ft. Bottom had jet divers with anchovies on both riggers , tops had chartreuse/silver on one cheater and blue/silver ribs on the other.

My son got bored and went into cuddy to play hand held video game around 6:30. No sooner had he gone down, we had one of the anchovies go off, pulled it out of the holder ,then the second anchovie popped. The young fella had his first double, both salmon 1 was 23 lbs, the second was 18 lbs.

Both fish caught in 80 fow down 60 + 55 out about 10' off ball. First season that I've had action with meat. Quickly becoming a convert.

By the time we got off the water at 9:15 we had boated 9 fish 4 bows 5 salmon ( smallest 16lbs, largest was the 23) The son is waking up at 5:30 AM Sat so he can get onto the fish with us tomorrow

Cant say I blame him

Keep Your Lines Wet Guys


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