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Some Old School Photos I found and scanned

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Me with a 30lb 8oz King from the Oak June 1993- Led Summer ESLO until last weekend


Father and Son with a nice Double on Kings (Biggest 34lbs) on the Shongo at the Oak June 28, 1990


Capt. Dennis "Shongo Butch" Tiberio with a 35lb King July 18, 1990 at the Oak


Me with a 32lb King on Bob Stevens Sunrise II August 13, 1991 at the Oak


Me with a 17lb 12oz Rainbow placed in the Orleans Derby August 15, 1992


Jason and Tony Cornetta went out with me on my dad's boat and hauled in a pair of 33lbers August 23, 1988 at the Oak (Not big enough for the ESLO!)


Me with a 17lb Offshore Steelhead September 7, 1992 at the Oak


Me with a narly 29lb wall King at the Oak September 12, 1993

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