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Braddocks 1/22 PM


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Me and my son fished on braddocks out of the state loop. We started at around 3:00 pm and fished till dark. The start was slow but around 4:30 the perch came in good and we put 34 in the bucket fast. 9 1/2 s to 12 inchers. most around 10 inches. We could not catch one jigging. All fish came of tip downs and minnows and when they started it was a blast. My son would catch em and I would re-bait the lines. We had a good system going and it kept us warm. Few guys left out there piken it up but couldnt tell if anyone was catchin. Good fishing to all!! :yes:

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We fished from about 7-11am and there was a little action early on but it died off quickly. We managed a few small perch jigging and had several scoop and drops on the tip ups. The other people we talked to out there said the same thing. Only saw one pike iced. Looks like we should have made it an afternoon trip.

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