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sampson, is open still. there is a potential possibility that they are gonna shut it down. but not this year. I signed the petition...alot of local marinas have the petition. Sign your life away fellas! It will be a hazard if they shut it down. having old unsafe docks...just suck it up and build new ones, this state has money!!

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It is total crap. Where does the $7 launch fees, slip rental money and license revenue go? :@ The state gov't is a total joke. I started going to Sampson with my family when I was 1, and now at 32 I am bringing my own family. I would hate to lose this place as well as a great fishing launch area

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Thanks for the ongoing support from users of Sampson Marina.

In addition to petition signatures the Marina Committee is trying to encourage as many supporters as possible to call, write or email elected officials to express your support for keeping this Finger Lakes resource open to the public.

To make it as easy as possible we have provided links from our website that provides phone and email for key elected officials.

For additional info and links see the post "Campaign to Save Sampson Marina"


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Thanks to all who have visited the Save Sampson website and signed the petition.

Count is now over 100 (in addition to the 1,000+ paper signatures).

We would like to encourage as many as possible to contact elected officials via mail, email or phone as this will have significantly more impact than the petition.

Contact info & direct link to their email is on our website and we are working on sample letter drafts to be posted in the very near future. https://sites.google.com/site/friendsofsampsonmarina/

If you are at the tournament stop by the marina and talk to any of the marina committee members to additional info.

Thanks for your support

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our elected officials should be ashamed of themselves if nothing is done and the marina is shut down. These state parks are about the only places most of us can afford to go and take a vacation anymore. to lose lake access or docking would be a huge loss to this park and probably the demise. I've spent a lot of time in this park, especially hunting, actually shot my first buck with a bow there. It just makes me sick to see what they are doing, or should I say not doing, with our money to help OUR state parks.


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The Sampson Marina Committee has added sample letters to their website as an way to simplify contacting elected officials.

We are urging as many supporters as possible to write or email elected officials as we have been told this will have significantly more impact than simply signing the petition.

Visit the website for elected official contact info, sample letters, marina photos and other info and links

Save Sampson Marina Website

Thanks to those supporting the effort to save this resource. Good luck to all derby entrants.

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