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Kicker motor setup, need change


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I need to upgrade, and do some work to my current kicker motor setup. I have a 22' starcraft, and I'm looking at different options of setting up an 8hp merc 4 stroke. It does not have power tilt, trim. Currently, I have an adjustable bracket, but hate it. Now, I've seen guys post about the solid bracket by adventure marine, but that would require power tilt and trim on the kicker. My question is, is there a GOOD, durable kicker bracket that has some sort of electronic power tilt on the bracket itself? If not, I could go the route of buying both the adventure marine bracket, along with a power tilt unit for my motor, but that's a ton of work and money.

Ideally, I'd like to find a bracket that has power tilt and trim on it. That way if I ever want to slap my other 4hp 4 stroker for super slow walleye trolling on calm days, I can just swap it.

Let's hear it!!

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It doesn't have power tilt and trim but the kicker mount L&M has for sale (on this forum) is what I have and I love it.One flip of a lever push down on top of the motor the shock push it in to upright lock position and go.It sits far enough away from the boat you can manually tilt your motor if desired.My boat is pretty easy to reach the kicker from the back of the boat,maybe yours isn't.I have a 15hp on mine and the shock pushes it up and out of the water as good today as it did when I started to use it over 10 years ago.

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i have a awsome bracket on my baha. mine is a fixed bracket as my kicker has power tilt. the company also makes one that has the tilt built in. they are a very well built unit.

It is a Panther Bracket BY MARINETECH. Im sure you can find them online.

Good luck

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