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I was there yesterday. We came in off Shaker Road. Went out to about 30 fow. The drag was terrible! it was nothing but slush! Two of us managed to get about a dozen keepers (9-11") and fought off a hundred small to tiny ones. We did meet up with a guy who was near us and he had about a half bucket of keepers. Minnows did better for him and spikes and minnows for us.

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Slush, slush. slush! There are fish out there, but boy do you have to pay a price to get to them. Leave your ATV home for now. They are nothing but trouble. Sleds have been staying above the slop. Even so, pack your shanty light and stay on the established routes. The times I have gone, seems the more people near me, the fewer perch. It's been pretty congested out there on the weekends. Everyone is nice and all, there's just a lot of holes getting drilled and a lot of lines down. Some people think this matters. I honestly don't know any more.

Anyway, my best has been on Niagaras on tipdowns a little off bottom. There are a lot of dinks, so expect to lose a bit of bait. Been getting mostly dinks on the jigging rods.

Good luck. Let us know how you do.

Stay Sharp, Be Safe


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