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Scotty downrigger repair


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Hey guys just looking for a place to bring or ship one of my Scotty downriggers to get looked at- anybody looking to do the same thing or know someplace?

Thanks in advance

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whats the issue? perhaps one of the Scotty Pro Staff could help you and avoid the shipping?

Plastic parts is more than likely the issue :P .

Operator error is my guess :lol:

No seriously, Jeremy give them a call they were great and able to get my problem solved with the (switches) when I first got mine.

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Ok Ok Ok yes Rick I Do fish for lake Trout, This downrigger is not one that I use for that though. I am going to try troubleshooting it once I get the boat home.

I will definatly give Fish307 a call for parts and service questions. Thanks for the info and input guys!! 8)

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