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Spoon Question

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Hi Guys, Any of you heard of T-Spoon Lures (T Spoons) from Auburn NY? A long time client of mine on the boat this year gave me some from a bargin bin in a store in Southern PA. I had like 15 colors, (one color worked) I ran off a slider on Cayuga and did ten Salmon in one trip off that slider. I ran it the next day and had a big a$$ bow rap up in the other rigger and brake it off. So I called the client and he got me a couple more. I killed the fish on that one color all year. I doubt if the company is still around but if it is I would love to order a 100 of them. If not I would like to get some good blanks and team up with some one who can paint and get one hell of a new spoon out to you guys on the Finger Lakes. I would even let a spoon/lure company look at it. Sean

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The guy that produced T spoons got very sick and stopped manufacturing quite a few years ago. I want to say maybe 7 or 8 years now.

I am not aware of anyone starting production back up on these spoons.

Always ran T spoons in the Finger Lakes for Browns, Rainbows and LL's. :yes:


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Thanks Vic.

I guess we all have a few of those blanks in our box. I just didn't know them as T-Spoons. A lot of the ones I picked up over the years were at the flea market type sportsmen shows.

The most fish catching spoons I ever had were the ones called and made by " Old Swede". He sold his jigs when he closed up shop but the spoons kept showing. They are still kicking around under other names. Vary speed tolerant. That's probably why they worked so well.

Pic of a couple I doctored up. 2_3_4_inch001.jpg .. blank look familiar?

Sorry Sean, didn't mean to hijack your thread......you can share your pattern with us tho' ;)

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Hey Mike ,

Are'nt those O&M spoons in yer pic......your flea market finds? ;)


Yes, ...they are the same blank. They are also kicking around the finger lakes under a couple of names the last 20 years.

Carl Johnson, aka "old swede" had the jig for that spoon back in the `80's. By the time I met him in the early `90's he had closed up shop and sold all his stuff. He did keep 100's of blanks though and that's how I got onto them.

Good stuff, ......just like needle fish .. :smirk: .... 2 7/8" spoons seem to be a good all around spoon in the fingers especially if they can run good at 2.0 to 3.0.

BTW,....do you know what the secret pattern is? :wondering:

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Hey guys, we purchased all of the remaining stock of TSpoon lures. I was looking online to learn more about them and I found this thread. We are probably the store referred to by the original poster. We started posting them on Ebay as we don't have the interest in SE PA that many of the areas of NY and elsewhere bring. We sell them for $2 each but since they are starting to take off our supplies are quickly diminishing. Feel free to give us a call (ask for me, Alex Smay) at 717-653-5524 if you want to buy any.

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