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Still need lodging.


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Actually both lakes are producing. I've only been on Seneca once, the quality was there, however Cayuga has been prodcing big numbers. Be ready to fish the entire water column, the numbers came off the top and the big boys came from 80 to 99' :rofl::rofl: . 99' is a private joke!

PM me if you want more specifics!


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Glen, try the super 8 in Ithaca. http://www.super8.com/Super8/control/Bo ... tyId=03717

It's not high cotton but it's a decent place & you can shoot right up the west side to T-falls or right on over to Watkins (village launch). Give me a shout if & when you head out ( that way I'll know we've got some serious snow on the way :lol: ). -Andy

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Thanks for the suggestions guys.

I'm sure I'll be able to get a room at one of them.

Andy gas up the plow truck I'm shooting for this weekend If the weather report doesn't get to ugly.

I guess I must of told you that if theres a storm anywhere in the country it will home in on the NY thruway and get there just as I'm leaving to come home.

Towed my old 18 foot Fishmaster thru every type of foul and nasty weather you could imagine.

Many times my 5 hour ride turned into a 7 or 8 hour trip.

Left Scotts house (Rusty Rat) one winter night headed for home and before I got 3 miles I couldn't see past the hood of the truck it was snowing so bad.

Went thru the intersection of 34 and 20 in Auburn one time with the truck and the boat going sidewards because an ice storm blew in as I was leaving Owasco for home one winter.

Cars all over the place off the thruway. State cops had one car covered with a blue tarp. That guy didn't make it.

Now I just got to remember how to catch those LL's and I'm all set. :yes:


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