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Jolly Release

Waltzin Sue

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Has Been,

I remember as a kid that happening a bunch of times. I don't remember exactly how we rigged it, but I'm sure the set up was similar to how you rigged it up. 2 lakers on the same rod, a laker and a skipper on the same rod. I even think one trip to the Bar with Dad and my Uncle Tom we landed a laker and a pretty decent salmon. LOL The good old days! But I think the good old days are back!

I got to talk him into a sight modification to the design so that we can run lead core and copper off the big boards. See if he wants to tap into that year round side planer fishery.

If anyone needs releases, or replacement pads and hardware you can PM on here and I'll send the contact for my Dad, same contact info that Mudflat posted above.

Thanks guys! Looking forward to ice out, and getting some browns!


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On 2/17/2011 at 11:34 AM, Jolly II said:

All the information above is right. My Dad is still making releases, and also sells the replacement rubber pads and hardware.

Thanks for posting the info Time Out and Mudflat.


wondering if these are still available.


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