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cannon speed temp & depth


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I've had mine now going on 4 seasons. I like the unit and the light percentage is a good tool. I don't believe in the depths that it reads and it doesn't coincide with sonar's readings.Down side is I've had 2 probes fail in 3 seasons. Cannon has replaced my probe 2 times for free.

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I have used the SNT since they first came out . Had issues with the early version but Cannon replaced a defective probe and antenna with no hassles . I find the depth feature very usefull and have checked it against my sonar and rigger counter and find it to be spot on for accuracy . Easy to check , put boat in neutral over deep water , lower prode to any depth and check all readings , SNT , sonar and rigger counter . As far as losing signal at depth , try wrapping a wet hand towel around your rigger boom and SNT antenna , Cannon can't answer why it works , but it does . When mine dies , I will replace it with the new model .

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