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Ultimate tip down for perch, crappie and walleye. Unique balance system for suspending bait and fine tuning sensitivity. You will not find a better tip down for the price. This is a old post but I continue to make them as of 12/15/2012. If interested or questions please call. They are 85 dollars for a set of five. Thats five bases and five rods.Shipping available 15 dollars a set. [email protected]


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Great Q, glad you asked!!! The sets I sell on the site here you can hang well over a 1/4 oz. this makes them great for fishing bell sinker rigs on the bottom, to suspending over a 1/4 oz anywere in the water column. I fish erie all the time with them for walleye and perch and they work great. If I bulk up my bait or hanging somthing bigger then I add a special weight to the back that I fabricated just for that reason. All in all if you end up getting a set ask for the add a weight system, its only a few buck more and you would be covered for any type of water depth, or bait rig that you would ever use anywere.

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thanks Jim

can't wait to try them out, they look sweet and good craftsmanship,

the wife and kids were very nice, and the dog was friendly, I brought him home for the wife. my cat might eat him though Lol .

will be around the ponds this weekend.. let you know how I made out...

the way my year has been going... I have a feeling these lucky tip downs may do the trick... thanks again maybe see you out on the ice... Rick

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